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Name the $ 1 Million Cart w/ NO Name, Sony Hires TV’s Scandal Inspiration for Crisis Mode
Excerpt of Nicholas Carlson’s upcoming book, Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s decline from a $128 billion company to one worth virtually nothing, The Single Most Terrifying Trend Facing Google, How To Create a Landing Page That Brings In a Steady Stream of Customers, We lost $1 Million Because We Didn’’t Follow Google’’s Rules, How a trio o...
The Frager factor - 15 hr 54 min ago
Eastern Airlines Rescued at Bankruptcy Auction and Flies Again on dot Aero Domain! (with unnecess...
Like (word)TV.TV... Oh the traffic leakage from this one! Great Read it’s not what you think freedom fighters: 4 Alternate Theories on Who Hacked Sony; ISS astronaut needs a wrench, NASA successfully 'emails' him instructions to print a 3-D one! Walgreens Promotes Telehealth Mobile App; Chromebooks go voice search and two teens who c...
The Frager factor - 21 hr 40 min ago
If You Sell Your Game To Microsoft, You Too Can Afford A $70 Million House Like This
The Day Ego Got Me Fired; Google swears no search leg up for new dot-word sites: We drill into claims; Social media superstars on the power of .SOCIAL; IAB: Online Q3 Ad Revenues Reach Historic High Of $12.4B; Start Planning For The Sale Of Your Business On Day One; Instagram's Fake Account Purge Mostly Spares Top Brands; Biggest Gai...
The Frager factor - Friday, December 19, 2014 - 16:33
Calling Out BS, 3 Millions Subscribers via Chinese Domain Mogul
If Apple Were A Worker Cooperative, Each Employee Would Earn At Least $40oK/yr,Three-Letter Domain Names Provide Instant Brand Recognition and Credibility, How Bricks and Clicks Can Live Happily Ever After, Hacking Sony – Corporate Culture Broken From the Top Down, Amazon Launches 1-Hour Delivery, How Busted Phones Created a ...
The Frager factor - Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 20:6
Is It Time To Stop Counting Followers And Likes?
Quality or quantity - Are you measuring your Social Media success by the amount of engagement you're generating? Or by how many followers you have? NBC pushes live streaming to PCs The network says TV watchers will be able to connect to its NBC live-stream once they prove they have a pay-TV subscription. ...
The Frager factor - Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 13:58
Sony: Weaponization of Code Ushers In a New Era of Warfare; How To Be More Likeable In Interviews
In a concept very similar to what I do for you here every day, Oprah-approved startup The Skimm raises $6.25 million; Samsung says wearables will be the next 'power' trend in the workplace; AThe Next Era of Marketing: strategists, Technologists and Analysts; 12 Tagline Tips for Your Brand and for the Frank Schllng’s of the world: Eti...
The Frager factor - Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 9:16
Hacked Sony eMails Reveal Scan (.ME) (good one btw) Goes for $50 Million!
developing over HERE   Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel On Leaked Plans: "I Felt Like I Was Going To Cry": The 24-year-old CEO is not happy 
The Frager factor - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 17:20
Years After I Sold, Streaming Names are Hotter Than Hell
The first promise of anywhere, anytime TV came from a fantastic broadband promise commercial in 2000. Any movie anytime any where! Today one can look back at a $$$ billion dollars for YouTube as so cheap@! In 2000-20009 it was Broadband that changed anything. As recounted in the book “Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom He...
The Frager factor - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 17:14
The Real Facts About New gTLDs; Bill Sweetman Explains What's in a (Domain) Name
The 17 best drone videos that gave a whole new perspective to 2014; Google Is In Danger Of Letting Facebook Steal The Mobile Ad Market (GOOG, FB); Throwing Money at Start-Ups in Frenzy to Find the Next Uber; Big Idea 2015: End Our Dangerous Addiction to OPEC Oil, Once and For All and The 10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Toda...
The Frager factor - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 9:0
11,000 Malicious Domains; 100K WordPress Sites Infected With 'Soaksoak.'
This is why I avoid WordPress at all costs More Than 100,000 WordPress Websites Reportedly Infected by Russian Malware; Why The Best SEO Firms Don't Offer Guaranteed Results; In 2015 Brands Will Be More Like Kim Kardashian; For Google Ventures, 2014 yielded 16 exits and LinkedIn’s New Homepage Design Helps You Stay Connected with You...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 20:34
10 Things To Help You Make More Sales; Curating Social Selling Content
Which Email Subject Line Will Get Best Open Rates? Boston Real Estate Is Worth More Than $100 Billion for the First Time; As Robots Grow Smarter, What's a Poor Human to Do? Like Estibot, algorithms are useful but not failsafe; Facebook adds new call-to-action buttons and Why PR Remains the Red-Headed Stepchild of Marketing  ...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 19:49
W/Domain Valued @ $630K, Sells to
Brown Shoe Co. is selling off its founding e-commerce property to concentrate on growing other brands online. Terms of the deal weren’t released by shoe manufacturer and retailer Brown Shoe but Bloomberg News reports that the domain name itself "is worth $630,000, according to, based on search-engine visibili...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 16:37
70+ Source of Royalty Free Stock Photos for Your Themes, Website and Blog
A Ton of Tech Companies Just Came Out Against Net Neutrality; Rethinking College to Include Your Career; Being a 'Non-friend' on Facebook; How A Designer Can Find A Job They Will Truly Love; 4 Critical Lessons I Learned After Getting Laid Off;3 Secrets To A Powerful Resume Summary and 20th Century Fox Promotes "Taken 3" With Clever S...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 9:9
Cash In on Three Needs For Names (Now Just Two)
The team behind NASA's Messenger mission has kicked off a competition to name five anonymous craters on Mercury. (always wondered who came up with the names for these things) Time to call the branding firms? Folks at Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios are noodling the idea of changing its name. And too late on the third because Ea...
The Frager factor - Monday, December 15, 2014 - 21:30
Super Bowl XLIX Ads: Wix is In; Will 2015 Be The Year The World Meets Uniregistry and Domain Name...
In January, you'll have to pay to reach your customers on Facebook;How to Become a Leader in Your Industry Using Social Media; AwesomenessTV Plans Subscription Business (this is what happens when big companies like DreamWorks acquires startups- what made them Awesome was that they were FREE!); Who Owns the Dashboard? Apple, Google or...
The Frager factor - Monday, December 15, 2014 - 12:37
Dog Lovers Bring a New Pet-Walker Franchise to Georgia
What to Expect as a Pizza Chain's First Franchisee in a New State; Lessons from Sony's Hacked Email; John Sculley On Why Billion Dollar Start-Up Opportunities Abound And Other Entrepreneurial Insights; Yieldmo: "We're a Content Ad Company. It's A New Animal." 5 Tried and True Ways to Calm Down a Difficult Client 5 Unproductive Phrase...
The Frager factor - Monday, December 15, 2014 - 11:48
The Cool Kids Guide to Banking and Finance; 10 Years of Website Optimization
I Asked Jeff Bezos About The Tough Questions — No Profits, The Book Controversies; Salesforce: The Opportunity-to-Cash Game Changer - APTTUS; This Robot Is Eager To Be Your Loyal Servant; Your next career move: The ladder or the lattice? 5  Ways To Help Employees You're About To Lay Off; Facebook drops Bing in favor of its own search...
The Frager factor - Monday, December 15, 2014 - 7:48
The Next Era of Marketing: Hear from Seth Godin, BC Wins Auction for PetSmart
I am a Cop, and I am Sorry, 4 MORE Reasons to Google Your Address, How to disagree with your boss, Shunning Apple Tops Long List of Bad Market Calls in 2014, The Invasion Of Wearables In The Workforce, Walmart is having a sick sale on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Domain Registrations: Is Bitcoin Going Mainstream? and.. Hands-On .....
The Frager factor - Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 20:59
Google Predicts The Best Days Are Still Ahead; Facebook Doesn't Call Them 'Users' Anymore
Here's How You Can Ruin Your Career at the Holiday Office Party; Tim Berners-Lee: Take to the streets to protect open web; Creating tools and algorithms that unlock the power of living cells - Next at Microsoft; Mensch on a Bench: from Kickstarter to 'Shark Tank' in Two Years; Hearst Buys 25% of YouTube Network AwesomenessTV (.com no...
The Frager factor - Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 13:49
Can't Buy Me Love: How Google Adwords' Policy Can Hurt Software Vendors
“Domain Law Professor" Ben Edelman, Goes to War Over $4 Worth of Chinese Food; Time to Legalize Insider Trading? Dashlane’s new Password Changer makes security a snap; Hinge raises $12 million to take on Tinder in new markets; Chromecast update brings new look, easier casting; Coming in 2015: Delta Airlines to split its aircraft into...
The Frager factor - Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 0:6

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