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Graze (.com) "Keeping Your Hand Out of The Cookie Jar"
Morgan was bragging about a Plated, new online service that delivers everything he needs to to make a meal, sparing him the agony of shopping. Now will take care of his needs (and yours) between meals too. The UK-based business is now delivering across the pond. According to their website, "Graze was started by seven frien...
The Frager factor - 44 min ago
Will Alibaba Disrupt E-Commerce Using $8 Billion To Buy Domain Portfolios?
What will the do with the cash? Maybe acquire portfolios of category killing and traffic domains as sole sponsor, and redirect them to the products in their store versus everyone competing with each other now in PPC. Amazon’s loss can be Alibaba’s gain. We already know that the Chinese are domain SMART(er)
The Frager factor - 2 hr 14 min ago
Ferber's Videology Is On Track To Hit $300 Million; 11,000 Voices of AppSec
PLUS: How to pitch your mobile game to Apple; Best Practices For Image Ads On The Google Display Network; They Said Yes to Your Offer. Now Comes the Important Part; Search Twitter More Efficiently with These Search Operators; NASA Gives $6.8 Billion to Boeing and SpaceX; Apple Pay May Be the Creative Leap That Outmaneuvers Samsung; W...
The Frager factor - 7 hr 41 min ago
Squatter Speaks; The Brilliance of Shark Tank; How to Innovate Like DARPA
PLUS: Marijuana Infused Frozen Pizza Is Every Lazy Stoner’s Dream Come True; A Military-Grade Drone That Can Be 3-d Printed Anywhere;McDonald's Names First VP-Customer Officer; Feds Threatened to Fine Yahoo $250K Daily for Not Complying With PRISM; New 'Facebook for Rich People' Costs Just $9,000 to join; Hong Kong tycoon places reco...
The Frager factor - 13 hr 21 min ago
"I Bought A Domain From A Squatter. It Was Painful But Had To Be Done."
Jason is following in the footsteps of smart journalists who realize print is dying and a domain name offers them their own soap box, their own "broadcast station" with worldwide reach. We put a Tweet into Jason to try to learn more about the domain acquisition and the identity of the so called "squatter" who is located in British Co...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 22:12
Screw Tube: After Google's 45% Cut, Here Are The Richest You Tube Stars
PLUS: Hitting the Bull’s-eye Requires a Target; Building a Brand Through Quality;Content Marketing: Much More Than Broadcasting Web Copy; The 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Stock Images; Microsoft Bought in Minecraft What It Could Never Make Itself; The $3.2 Billion Man: Can Google's Newest Star Outsmart Apple? and The father of lo...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 15:56
1999 Called, They Want Their Website Back, What Scares Mark Cuban
PLUS: Don’’t Hire Superstars. Create Them, Humans Need Not Apply – How Robots Will Take Over the Economy, Apple Sells 4M iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Pre-Orders In Opening 24 Hour (hiding from them Bulging Camera Lens in another U2 / XYZ Move), Search Engine Marketing Test: New gTLD Versus .Com Domain Names (Impressive!), Disrup...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 10:7
CNN Explores Naming Choice of Alibaba as $66-68 IPO Looms
The word in financial circles is that Alibaba's upcoming IPO is heavily in demand. Today that speculation was backed up by the numbers. Alibaba increased its target IPO price range to between $66 and $68 a share. That's a nice jump from earlier this month when the company was predicting a range of $60 to $66 a share. The stock ...
The Frager factor - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 0:56
Developer selling NYC parking spaces for $1M each- Then What's Domain Parking REALLY Worth?
PLUS: Rich or Famous? Which Would You Choose? How we made nearly $1 million on Apple stock; Ways to Do Business Together & Succeed; Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say; The $60 MillIon Question: How Much Is My Business Really Worth? -...Army Activates Its First Cyber Protection Brigade; Get the CEO Right ...
The Frager factor - Monday, September 15, 2014 - 14:34
Google Competitor is its Biggest Advertiser; "Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!"
PLUS: The Amazon Fire is threatening to become the Amazon Fizzle-Amazon Cuts Struggling Phone’s Price to 99 Cents; Like the Republican answer to State of the Union, Samsung Attacks Apple’s Keynote With “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” Ads; The Gold Apple Watch Could Cost As Much As $1,200; The Art Of Selling The Brand Of You On YouTube; Se...
The Frager factor - Monday, September 15, 2014 - 9:16
Read My License Plate: It Cost Me a Fortune; So What's My LL-LLL EMD Worth?
PLUS: The Future of SEO (How To Deal With All Those Google…; Georgetown law professor says Apple may now be a regulated financial institution; Watch The 5 Best Moments From Apple's Biggest Unveiling Since The iPad; 6 Unspoken Requirements For Every Job Seeker - Forbes; From Full-Time To Freelance: How To Make The Leap; Christie must ...
The Frager factor - Sunday, September 14, 2014 - 16:19
Location, Location... Why Location is Still so Important in a Digitally Connected Age
PLUS: Local Search, What Does That Even Mean?; This is how you get your product into Walmart; VC raised $17 billion so far this year, 2014 to be a record setter; La Toya Jackson’s old sex toys auction to settle Michaels IRS debt; Apple Deal Sheds Light on McDonald's Digital Transformation; Young Marissa Mayer Goofs Off and Google lea...
The Frager factor - Sunday, September 14, 2014 - 0:20
The Enemy is not ISIS... it’s Cable!
Can Condi save the NFL ... plus... Apple’s Tim Cook Says TV Is Stuck In The 70s - and Steve Job’s plan for Web TV is the one I have always based my bullish predictions for Apple on. However Cable is proving tougher to defeat than music and until cable falls like ISIS and Apple can move ahead with TV, Tim Cook will throw some shiny ob...
The Frager factor - Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 11:21
Generic Versus Name Brand: How People Buy
Should we buy generic and save money or buy the name brand and get better quality? NBC reports:
The Frager factor - Friday, September 12, 2014 - 22:33
Move Over Domain King: The FlooringKing (.com) Rules. His Tiles Are Sexy.
All it takes is a memorable domain and TV spot. Antonio the Flooring King will treat You like royalty. "He is one of the largest closeout distributors and liquidators of laminate flooring in the world. 500 colors at just .29 cent. Forget the Big Box. Come on over to the Flooring King today." Another example is UsedCardboardBoxe...
The Frager factor - Friday, September 12, 2014 - 15:56
Why .Christmas Beats .BlackFriday Every Day Ugly Sweaters and All
Because .BlackFriday is only one day. .Christmas has already started as soon as labor day ended. Can you believe it? I guess that’’s why you could get UglySweaters.BlackFriday for the reg fee and Franky won’’t part with UglySweaters.Christmas for a even whole lot more. Video: Stores decking the halls and kicking off an early push for...
The Frager factor - Friday, September 12, 2014 - 13:19
Where the Big Money Is Going to Be Made in the Next Decade
PLUS: California Passes Law to Protect Yelpers' Right to Post Bad Reviews; FACEBOOK $200 BILLION; 4 Reasons to Start a Business in Your 20s; Why Startups Sell For Millions With No Business Model; Games are the new summer Blockbusters: Activision's 'Destiny' Rakes in $500M on First Day; Why This Ugly Sweater Company Is an $8 Million B...
The Frager factor - Friday, September 12, 2014 - 11:6
The Billionaire Family Feud; Why Self-Driving Cars Could Doom the Auto Insurance Industry
PLUS: America's Most Powerful CEOs 40 And Under; Apple will make 80 million iPhone 6 handsets by the end of the year;The Evolution Of The Employee - Forbes; SmartWalk Turns Any Surface Into A Subway Tracker; Court Rules Yelp May Demand Money for Adding and Removing Reviews; 4 Reasons to Start a Business in Your 20s Why Self-D...
The Frager factor - Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 16:16
Why Bitcoin Is About to be a Real Disruptor; In search of the missing 'i' in Apple's Watch
PLUS: 4 Ways Your Domain Name Can Make or Break Your Business, Turning The Phone Call Into The New Click; FBI’s Story of Finding Silk Road’s Server Sounds a Lot Like Hacking; Dubai's $6.8bn Mall of the World to start construction in Q1 2015; Stephen Hawking Fears Higgs Boson Doomsday; Rotary Strengthened Their Brand by Simplifying It...
The Frager factor - Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 12:8
Congratulations to Uniregistry on .flowers Win… and Much More on Apple
PLUS: Sexual harassment at TINDER! Google Employees Secretly Live on Campus to Avoid Paying Rent, 7 Reasons Likeable People Succeed,Will Tim Cook Ever Escape Steve Jobs’s Shadow? Citrix: It’s Not “Mobile First,” It’s “Me First”, USPS Helps AmazonFresh Deliver the Groceries.. and Snapchat Billionaires Protect Their Stakes By Settling ...
The Frager factor - Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 20:56

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